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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Twilight Zone Moments…

     Destiny. Fate. Providence. Twilight Zone moments. Whatever word you use, do you believe in them?
     I do. How else do you explain those strange things that give you goose bumps when they happen? How many times in our lives do we experience this phenomenon and think to ourselves, no way?

     A man misses his plane, goes standby on a later flight, and ends up sitting next to the person who turns out to be his soul mate. They were happily married for 57 years. Is it destiny?
     Or how about that cute little stray dog who shows up on your doorstep? It’s a cold, rainy night and you can’t turn him away. Instead you give him a forever home. Years later, Fido’s barking alerts you to the fire that is rapidly consuming your home. You and the family make it out alive. Fate?
     A woman’s business trip is cancelled and the next day she’s called to the hospital. Her father has suffered a major heart attack. He dies two hours later, with his daughter holding his hand. Providence?

     Two weeks ago my new book, Resolutions, was released by Decadent Publishing. A few days earlier, I received the cover art to approve. I studied and admired the work. Everything was perfect. The characters were exactly the way I’d imagined them. I looked over the photo a dozen times before I noticed the heroine, Eve, was wearing a necklace in the picture. 

      I thought to myself, sure it’s possible my tough female DEA operative might have a special necklace she wears while out kicking ass and taking names. Being a self-proclaimed…well, let’s just say curious person…I enlarged the photo, and BINGO! I had one of those rare Twilight Zone moments. 
     The heroine’s necklace was identical to one my hubby bought me last Christmas. Look for yourselves. (Please ignore any extra chins that may or may not be mine.) Study and compare the photos. Draw your own conclusions. 

     I had no idea what Decadent Publishing would come up with for the cover of my book. But there it was…

My very own Twilight Zone moment.

Have you ever had a Twilight Zone moment? Care to share it in the comments below?


  1. Awesome twilight moment! I love those moments in life.

  2. I think meeting the love of my life was a twilight moment. Although not hugely coincidental in any way, it's amazing how we just clicked straight away.

  3. Kathleen,
    I met my hubby under normal, everyday circumstances, too. But our life together has had many Twilight Zone Moments. I've heard that creepy theme song in the back of my mind many times over our years together.

  4. I wasn't supposed to be able to get pregnant, but ended having our daughter 15 minutes before our 11 month anniversary. There were so many times during a very difficult pregnancy that I felt were Twilight Zone moments. She is now a Marriage Family Therapist that deals mostly with high risk teens.
    panthers.ravens@yahoo dot com

  5. I love it! One of my favorite types of Twilight Zone moments.

  6. I lost my son in 1996. He loved the song by Green Day called, "When I come around." Every time we get in our car to go on a extended family outing, this song always comes on.

    He died on March 13. Since his death, my daughter has lived in places that have the number 13. Apartment 13, Thirtieth Street, 20413, 13798. The number was everywhere she went.

    My daughter just gave birth to my only granddaughter (we have had nothing but boys in my family for 4 generations, my daughter was the first to be born and my niece who came the year after her, that's it, all boys) on December 7, 2012. No 13, but it was my sons birthday!

    I feel like he is always with us, watching and letting us know he still around!

    Love the blog by the way!

  7. Diane,
    I'm sorry for your loss. It seems, however, that your son plans on keeping an eye out for you and has wrapped his angel wings around you. I hope you find some comfort in knowing that he's with you always.